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Within the cnc

Purchased by the Irwin S Chain School of Architecture Fabrication lab. 

Designed by Gabriel Munnich, Yaoyi Fan,


Special thanks for the help of Bastian Van Sedan, Mira Almazrooei





While at Cooper Union, we took the initiative to design and build a CNC machine from scratch, in order to experiment with digital fabrication. The machine is now a permanent part of the fabrication laboratory at the Cooper Union. We initiated the project in the summer without access to a shop. I had some shops tools, and we set them up in my apartment. New York Chinatown is always vibrant and loud. The sounds of grinding and cuttings metals did not disturb our neighbors. 

cnc in the shop

Cooper has a very long tradition of making and craftsmanship. A fourth floor is a sacred place at Cooper because it has the biggest sculpture shop among all the other design schools. It was an honor to have the CNC become part of the shop.

cnc in studio
CNC shop
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