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Benjamin Menschel Fellowship 2017

Menschel exhibition 2018

Architecture of Tongo Hills, Reality Capture 2019

Sponsored by reality capture

With the support of the Ghana Museum and Monument Board

Design by Gabriel Munnich, Leslie Dougrou

architecture of the tongo hills


In the language of the Tallensi people who reside in Northern Ghana, the words for “lineage” and “house” are almost identical. Archeologists speculate that, despite its fragility, the Tallensi compound has been in existence for millennia. Moreover, during that time, its architecture has played a key role in holding the collective memory of Tallensi social structure. It is through a constant transformation that the compound has accommodated growing families and embodied their lineage. The survey of this house has, as a primary goal to acknowledge the challenge that this form of architecture poses to preservation; in order to successfully capture this architecture, one needs to capture its transformation. We conducted a photogrammetric survey of the house. Moreover, the compound must be digitally re-linked to the lineage that generates it. Hence, they conducted a census of the 400 family members who claim the space as their home thereby producing the first-ever architectural representation of the Tallensi compound. The marriage of this archeological approach to photogrammetric documentation and the written list of names of those had lived there, created an inherently interactive record of the house which Dougrou and Munnich believe will allow it to be preserved without being frozen in time.

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