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Venice Biennial exhibition Palazzo Bembo 2018

Bugaik international architecture exhibition 2018

Notas CPAU magazine 2019


With E-Architect, Pablo Lorenzo Eiroa

Gabriel Munnich, Yaoyi Fan, Pablo Toubes-Riger,

special thanks for the help of Yilan Dong, Zhiyi Zhang. 


spider print in action


Spider Print is a site specific 3D printer. It is designed to break the limitation of large scale machine, which requires a large structure or a factory around it to support itself.

What if the 3D printer could use its surrounding as a structure to support itself and adjust its scale to different space? One could envision more spontaneous and site-specific uses of 3d printing.

Spider Print uses a tensegrity structure. It has eight anchors at the top to attach to the an existing structure, and it can adapt to any site by adjusting the length and location of the cables. The Z-axis is a retractable tower that pushes the extruder up and down. 


Tensegrity structure 


Cables  control 




folding tower

spider printing
spider printing
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