Client: Shu Xin Tang



Shuxintang APP is a VR exhibition app launched by Shuxintang·Sheng Space and UEO. It builds a 3D space in a panoramic manner. It provides users with an immersive experience through light and texture. The cloud exhibition VR exhibition provides 360° panoramic art space display. Moveable buttons roam autonomously to explore paintings, sculptures, installation works, and videos that you are interested in. Through the selected design interface, the audience can click the Shuxintang logo to jump to the mall, click to browse, and view the artwork details. It breaks the geographical and spatial restrictions, so that every collector can return to the treasure without going far. In the current version of Shuxintang App, we uploaded the first online VR exhibition of Gu Yu Art Festival planned by Shu Xin Tang·Sheng Space, with the theme of urban dreams.