February  14, 2020 |


"Instant Lounge" is feature on the Japanese Magazine, Ideas for Good.


January  21, 2020 |


"Instant Lounge" is feature on The Cooper Union Website

The group challenged itself to design environmentally-conscious, instant furniture for public spaces that can be configured for the immediate needs of a space at any time of day. Using a cable machine and thick, soft rope, UEO devised a system that generates numerous furniture configurations, each of which can be retracted and replaced when another configuration is desired. This highly original design offers flexible use through minimal means and modest materials.

January  10, 2020 |


"Instant Lounge" is feature as Today 's innovation on SPRING WISE  at January 10. 

The printer is suspended from cables attached to the ceiling, and the set-up allows the machine to move across the entirety of the space, in order to create complex shapes. The biodegradable furniture is made from a single rope coiled into a variety of shapes and is designed to last for five years (the usual lifespan of public furniture). The rope is a continuous cotton tube filled with pebbles, seeds, dry fruit pits and other food waste, and so when it is no longer needed, can be composted. Instant Lounge is available until mid-March 2020.

December   11, 2019 |


"Instant Lounge" is announced as part of ShenZhen Biennale in ArchDaily

               Instant Lounge, invented by UEO, will be exhibited on the 2019-2020 Shenzhen Biennale. Instant Lounge is a site-specific room-size retractable 3D printer that makes temporary furniture in real-time. The exhibition will be in Shenzhen Futian High Speed railway station from December 21- March 21.

              In the urban context, the flux of people constantly redefines public space throughout the day. How can digital fabrication address this impermanence? What if public space could identify the sitting and lounging needs of pedestrians throughout the day to provide instant furniture? A train station platform or an airport terminal, for example, can be empty during rush hours to allow for free-flowing human traffic. However, it should be filled with seating during delays, provide adequate furnishings for conversations and meals in the evening, and lounging beds for overnight connections. “Instant lounge” can formally engage these daily scenarios without waste.