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UEO is a fabrication, design, and research studio. We are a group of inventors, designers, artists, and architects. We build Apps, machines, installations, and architecture. We are located in New York City, USA, and Zhu Hai, China. 

We were trained as architects to think in the form of buildings and social engagement users. Our thinking often results in the forms of machines and software hoping to create a new consciousness in our perception of the built environment in relation to our movement. In our practice, we want to go as deep as possible in the mechanisms of technologies to propose alternatives methods of fabrications and inhabitations. The creation of art is made from the perpetual movement of the artist. The artist paints carve stacks and flashes materials and light. We try to understand those movements through mechanical systems and algorithms. We weave multiple materials and skills together, successively working like scientists, inventors, engineers, and artists. UEO ‘s recent project Instant Lounge explore the possibility of a democratic public space that can constantly change form as it reacts to its users. UEO’s ongoing project Infinite museum investigates the idea of ownership in art in the digital age using machine learning and augmented reality.

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